“Where others see only broken-down buildings, MLP sees groundbreaking opportunities.”

MLP Ventures, founded in 1988 by J. Brian O’Neill, is a leading privately owned real estate development company specializing in identifying and acquiring abandoned or underutilized industrial sites, remediating and transforming them into high-quality, Class A commercial space or luxury multifamily live, work, and play communities.

Behind that straightforward description is the true essence of the company: a unique vision that sees possibilities unimagined by other developers, a driving passion to always exceed expectations, and a powerful commitment to create unified places that improve people’s lives. Any developer can build buildings; MLP seeks to rebuild whole communities. MLP believes in holistic, cooperative community redevelopment for the long-term benefit of residents, municipalities, and investors alike.

With MLP’s expertise and energy, eyesores become islands of prosperity, cities within a city that lift the quality of life for everyone. MLP-Built office parks and neo-traditional neighborhoods include features such as gardens, art centers, sports and exercise facilities, playgrounds and day-care centers, walkways and jogging trails, as well as plenty of parking and links to public transportation and major thoroughfares nearby.

In addition to the extensive direct benefits of its developments, MLP Ventures makes giving back to the community a central part of its operations. MLP works with local officials and neighborhood leaders to provide for public open spaces, educational and recreational facilities, support for community service organizations, and generous charitable contributions.