“It takes a lot more than bricks and sticks, more than tall cranes and deep pockets, to create such a place. It takes vision.”

Where others see problems, MLP Ventures sees potential.
Over the past two decades, MLP Ventures has honed this passionate approach and outside-the-box thinking into a corporate culture that sees obstacles as opportunities for growth. Environmental challenges that deterred other developers spurred MLP Ventures to acquire remediation skills and expertise that have made MLP Ventures the nation’s leading private developer and recycler of brownfields. In the process, MLP Ventures has compiled a record of consistently over-delivering on promised outcomes.

Turning abandoned sites into abundant sights.
MLP Ventures transforms more than landscapes. It transforms communities, economic regions, and the lives of those who live, work, and play in the places MLP creates. Working hand-in-hand with state and local planning and zoning professionals, MLP’s big-picture approach brings communities back to life, eliminating potentially hazardous eyesores and creating in their place dynamic new neighborhoods in some of the most sought-after locations in the entire country.

Building tomorrow today.
When MLP Ventures transforms brownfields into viable live, work, and play communities or bright new commercial centers, everyone wins. Aging towns get a new lease on life. Local and state governments get added sources of tax revenue. Companies get new and more efficient buildings in which to operate, and higher quality workplaces to attract and retain employees. And residents get expanded employment and housing opportunities, new chances to live in well-designed, modern communities in the most desirable and convenient “suburban/urban” locations.